Messaging Solution

Mobile messaging has maintained its status as the most effective and economical way of reaching, engaging and interacting with customers. However, integrating the mobile messaging feature into the existing platforms, accurately tracking the response rates, handling bulk SMS and mapping the same with meaningful CRM data may prove to be challenging.

Leading mobile messaging service providers process more than 120 million P2P and A2P messages every month. Bulk services help them integrate mobile messaging platform into their core business system and thus enable them to fully automate their customer contact programs. The P2P and A2P messaging solutions are cost effective and also, they ensure a high ROI along with significantly reduced operational costs.

We are currently working with Omantel and Ooredoo to keep up the pace with this challenging field by providing customized, reliable and robust solution with several Value-added features which has helped these operators to maintain their clientage and generate funds.

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