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IP Nurse Call System

"The ultimate bedside IP solutions..."

Ward and Network Cabling:

The Fusion-IP Ultima solution, utilises structured cabling throughout to TIA/EIA-568-B standard. The devices (nodes) are powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to EE802.3af-2003 and IEE802.3at-2009 standards, meaning power and data are delivered down a single cable.

Cables compatible with the system are:
•    CAT5/CAT5e
•    CAT6/CAT6e
•    CAT7

Structured wiring from PoE switches:

•    Standard PoE—12.5 Watts required.
•    PoE+ -25Watt compatible.
•    Maximum distance from node to switch: 90 metres + 5 metre patch at each end of the cable.

 All switches and routers should be powered from the essential supply, with UPS back-up.

At a glance:

•    Structured wired to full Ethernet standards.
•    Systems are full IP powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ready for LAN connection.
•    Easy replacement ‘plug-in’ units.
•    Each nurse call system can run independently of the network.
•    Easily expandable.
•    Extensive range of ‘apps’ (see overleaf).
•    Ideally suited for:
•    Ward refurbishments
•    Acute hospitals
•    Specialist hospitals

Health Care Systems

OHI Telecom specialist in the design, installation, project management and maintenance of communication System for healthcare establishments, custodial, commercial and public buildings.

With  a  long  standing  partnership  with  Static  Systems, UK  for  Nurse  Call systems  and  Bedhead Services trunking,  OHI  Telecoms  offers  an  extensive range  of  systems  designed to enhance    patient    to nurse   communications,   optimize   hospital   management   and  nursing efficiency   and most importantly improve patient care.  The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense is the focused customer and systems are operating at most of the health centers and hospitals.

Modus Horizontal
Leading the field in best practice and innovation, MODUS-H comprises a range of modular component parts and a well thought out approach to installation - offering an unrivalled, time efficient build method…

Modus Vertical
MODUS-V has been designed with build efficiency and ease of installation in mind, making it the ideal solution for ‘fast-track’ refurbishment projects as well as new build.


Ventura Horizontal

The Ventura Medical Services System provides a truly flexible solution for use in all healthcare environments.  Its innovative design accommodates a wide range of applications from high dependency units requiring heavily populate systems, through to the less demanding requirements of a general acute medical ward or day care unit.

The modular design allows the required number of horizontal sections to be locked together.  For even greater flexibility, once installed additional sections can be simply added if requirements change.

Ventura meets the requirements of Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) and all other relevant standards, guidance and practice. Based on our specialist healthcare knowledge and extensive experience additional features have been included for improved infection control, build quality, and ease of installation and servicing.


Nurse Call System (Fusion-IP Codem)

"The complete family of intelligent nurse call systems..."

In a diverse world, no one solution suits all.  This is particularly true in the healthcare environment where patient needs, nursing management rationale, building layout and budget constraints must all be considered.

By listening to our clients we have proactively developed a variety of nurse call solutions.  Solutions that are technologically advanced and use innovative, out-of-the-box thinking in order to provide one system that easily integrates multiple functions, multiple protocols and multiple wiring topologies.

And because all equipment is ‘platform independent’ working on the principal of distributed intelligence, systems can work alone or form part of a fully integrated site-wide network.

Ward and Network Cabling:

With the Fusion-IP Codem solution, nurse call equipment is wired on a Local Ward Bus for data which typically starts and ends at the Power Unit. A separate twin 1mm cable supplies 24V dc.

The Local Ward Bus has the following characteristics:

  • Maximum cable distance: 1.4km (with Repeater Unit)
  • Maximum number of nodes per cable: 120
  • Maximum number of nodes per system: 120

Fusion-IP Power Units are connected directly to the LAN via a TCP/IP based connection with the following characteristics:

  • Ethernet structured wired network (90 metres + 5 metre patch at each end of the cable).
  • One network connection per cable run, connected to a single port at an Ethernet Switch.

At a glance:

  • IP based, ready for LAN connection.
  • Wiring topology allows for easy upgrading of legacy systems utilising traditional wiring.
  • Each nurse call system can run independently of the network.
  • Robust nurse call system with no single point of failure.
  • Easily expandable.
  • Extensive range of ‘apps’ (see overleaf).
  • Ideally suited for:
    • Ward refurbishments
    •  Acute hospitals
    •  Specialist hospitals


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