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Air Traffic Control Systems

OHI Telecommunications has an in-depth knowledge of ATC systems that are deployed in airports and airbases, and specializes in the provision of complex Air Traffic Control systems, including design, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance/support services.

•    Voice Communication Switching Systems (VCSS)
•    Tower, Approach and Ground Consoles
•    Digital / Analog Audio, Radar Data & Screen Recording and Playback                  Systems
•    VHF / UHF Ground to Air Radio Communications
•    Ground to Ground Radio Systems in High Frequency (HF) / Very High                  Frequency(VHF)/ Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Communications
•    Integrated Display Systems
•    High Bright LED / LCD display technologies
•    ATC Services & Training
•    Special Antenna Structures
•    Rapid Deployment Towers
•    Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower



Airport Systems Integration

OHI Telecommunications is the leading Airport Systems Integrator in Sultanate of Oman, specializing in AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS and TERMINAL SYSTEMS. We have successfully executed multiple Airbase Projects in the Sultanate of Oman. 

OHI Telecommunications delivers Air Traffic Control operations through proven methodology as well as management and maintenance capabilities. We integrate leading-edge technologies for ATC systems, and provide 24x7 maintenance services, keeping critical systems compliant with ICAO standards.

Our services are not limited to the supply and implementation, we also provide the professional services including the consultancy, integration, implementation, maintenance, and training.

A pivotal component for the safe and smooth operation of any airport and airbases is its communications system. OHI Telecommunications has relevant technical capabilities and extensive experience to deliver robust communications systems for airports and airbases.

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