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Wireless Solutions

People move. Networks must follow.

• OHI Telecom can quickly deploy Wireless Access Points to serve as secure data and voice network for Hotels , Hospitals, large campuses, multi-level buildings or warehouses.

• OHI Telecom deliver over 20 years of experience in wireless design and installation, ensuring that your wireless system suits all of your needs now, and is easily upgraded as needed with future technology.

Solutions at a Glance

• WLAN Controller : Aruba Mobility Controllers , Alcatel-Lucent
• WLAN Access points : Aruba , Alcatel-Lucent
• Internet Gateways : HSIA ( TigerTMS ,GuestTek ,InnGate)
• BYOD solutions : Aruba ClearPass
• Service: Wi-Fi :Planning ,Heat Map Design, Passive & Active Survey
• Spectrum Analysis ,Designing, Deployment, Testing & Project Management

Swicthing & Network Infrastruture

"Enterprise Networking Solutions..."

  • We are vastly experienced in deploying large campus LAN solutions in multivendor scenarios. 
  • We provide effective consultancy to deliver the best-in-class solutions and implement solutions to suit your unique requirements.
  • The products from HPE comes with Lifetime Warranty.
  • We are partnered & delivering solutions from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise for more than 20 Years.

Solutions at a Glance.

Our offer includes comprehensive network system integration of components like,
•Routers , Switches & NMS : HPE , Alcatel-Lucent
•Firewall : Checkpoint , Fortinet , Barracuda
•NMS : HPE IMC , Airwave , Solar winds
•Network Access Control systems : Aruba ClearPass
•Service: Network Designing, Consulting ,Installation, Testing, Audit, & Project Management.




Unified Communications

OHI Telecom represents IP solutions from major manufacturers for small, medium, and large enterprise customers.  These integrated solutions provide IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Wireless, Conferencing/Collaboration, Mobility, and Contact Center Applications.

IP Solutions leverage the organizations networked applications to increase productivity and lower cost by extending these applications across the Local Area Network and Wide Area Network.

IP Networks extend Branch Office Communications across the Wide Area Network gaining network access to all available Corporate collaborative applications.

Home office users and Teleworkers also maintain their connectivity to the corporation’s resources.

Stay connected wherever you are...

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